Documentary: Ecos del Desgarro

I share a documentary made by a dear friend from the Camara Negra Collective which looks at the Syrian revolution and counter revolution, giving voice to the grass roots activists who continue to struggle for freedom from all tyranny.

In Spanish and Arabic with English subtitles

Website of Camara Negra:




One thought on “Documentary: Ecos del Desgarro

  1. We have to admit that capital was able to start its war against the proletariat, in order words, our movement was unable to overthrow the capitalist class. We allowed space and time to the ruling class to prepare or adjust it terrorist plan against the revolutionary process, as a result the bourgeoisie created ISIS and received the help of Iran and Russia…So our lack of revolutionary action when needed, allowed the terrorist groups serving capital in the region to attack the massive movement of the proletariat and move the situation to where it is now. How can we stop the war? We most start an international movement against the war, struggling for power in Russia and Iran, the United States, France and England and any country supporting the war….

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