Co-author (with Robin Yassin-Kassab) of Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War (Jan 2016, Feb 2018). It’s available in Spanish here, Portuguese here and French here. An English audio book is also available.

Contributor to:

Alford, Wilson (eds): Khiyana-Daesh, the Left and the Unmaking of the Syrian Revolution (2016)

Palapa Editorial (eds): The Stolen Revolution: Resistance from the Rubble in Syria (2017)

La Lenteur (eds): Sur la révolution syrienne (2017)

Guillaume Gamblin and Pierre Sommermeyer (eds): Non-violence dans la révolution syrienne (2018)

Frédéric Thomas (eds): Etat des luttes. Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord (2018)

Shane Burley (eds): No Pasaran! Antifascist Dispatches from a World in Crisis (2022)

My contact is: leilashami(at)riseup.net

I sometimes tweet @LeilaShami

On Mastodon @LeilaShami@kolektiva.social


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Comrade: Your reports are one of the very few things that give me hope in this dismal time. That the Syrian people could rise up given the least opportunity, after all they have been through, is testimony to the human spirit. If you would ever like to send any report and/or any appeal to workers and young people here in the US, please send us a note and we’ll be happy to publish it on our blog site.

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