Syria’s shock doctrine

Pro-regime forces insult displaced civilians of eastern Ghouta

Pro-regime forces insult the displaced of eastern Ghouta (photographer unknown)

This was originally published in Al-Jumhuriya. 

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After seven years of repression and war, more than half the Syrian population no longer live in their own homes. Most are internally displaced, but nearly six million have fled the country altogether in search of asylum. They dream of one day returning to their homes, but a new law means that many may never be able to. Continue reading

المناهضة الحمقاء للإمبريالية

 ترجمة: عبد الرحيم يوسف/ مدى مصر


كارتون: ياسر احمد

مرة أخرى، استيقظت الحركة الغربية «المناهضة للحرب» للاحتشاد حول سوريا، وكانت هذه هي المرَّة الثالثة منذ عام 2011.

المرَّة الأولى كانت عندما اعتزم رئيس الولايات المتحدة السابق باراك أوباما توجيه ضربة للقدرات العسكرية للنظام السوري (لكنه لم يفعل) عقب الهجمات الكيمياوية على غوطة دمشق في عام 2013، والتي اعتبرها خطًا أحمر. وكانت المرَّة الثانية عندما أمر الرئيس الحالي دونالد ترامب بتوجيه ضربة إلى قاعدة عسكرية خالية تابعة للنظام ردًا على الهجمات الكيماوية على خان شيخون في عام 2017. Continue reading

El ‘antiimperialismo’ de los idiotas

Translation by antimilitaristes-moc Valencia


La indignación selectiva que solo se aplica a los ataques químicos. Caricatura de Yaser Ahmad

Una vez más, el movimiento “antiguerra” occidental se ha despertado para movilizarse en torno a Siria. Esta es la tercera vez desde 2011. La primera fue cuando Obama contempló atacar la capacidad militar del régimen sirio (pero no lo hizo) tras los ataques químicos en Guta en 2013, considerados una ‘línea roja’. La segunda vez fue cuando Donald Trump ordenó un ataque que golpeó una base militar vacía en respuesta a los ataques químicos contra Khan Sheikhun en 2017. Y hoy, cuando EE. UU., el Reino Unido y Francia toman medidas militares limitadas (ataques selectivos contra los activos militares del régimen e instalaciones de armas químicas) después de un ataque con armas químicas en Duma que mató al menos a 34 personas, incluidos muchos menores que se refugiaban de los bombardeos en los sótanos. Continue reading

The ‘anti-imperialism’ of idiots


Cartoon criticizing selective outrage which only applies to chemical attacks, by Yaser Ahmad

Once more the western ‘anti-war’ movement has awoken to mobilise around Syria. This is the third time since 2011. The first was when Obama contemplated striking the Syrian regime’s military capability (but didn’t) following chemical attacks on the Ghouta in 2013, considered a ‘red line’. The second time was when Donald Trump ordered a strike which hit an empty regime military base in response to chemical attacks on Khan Sheikhoun in 2017. And today, as the US, UK and France take limited military action (targeted strikes on regime military assets and chemical weapons facilities) following a chemical weapons attack in Douma which killed at least 34 people, including many children who were sheltering in basements from bombing. Continue reading

The act of forgiving (and forgetting)

wissam al jazairy

Picture by Wissam Al Jazairy

Forgive (Verb):

  • Stop feeling angry or resentful towards (someone) for an offence, flaw, or mistake.
  • No longer feel angry about or wish to punish (an offence, flaw, or mistake).

[Oxford online dictionary]

For six years Assad has waged a campaign of extermination against a people who rose for freedom. His crimes have been so well documented, by both testimony and photographic evidence, that the international community is left in little doubt that this man, and his regime, have perpetrated atrocities on such a scale that they amount to crimes against humanity. Continue reading

Democracy is the alternative


A woman votes in Saraqib in local council elections

On 18 July women and men in Saraqib, eastern Idlib, participated in elections for their local council. According to the election commission 2475 people cast their ballot, 55 percent of eligible voters. Just days earlier, the three candidates had held a lively public debate.[1]  This is unheard of in ‘Assad’s Syria’ where free elections have not been held in five decades of dictatorship. And this is the alternative to the regime – self-organization, democracy and local autonomy – not Daesh and not foreign occupation. Continue reading

Syria’s Prisoners: Absent but never forgotten


Protest held by Families for Freedom outside the UN in Geneva (Photo via Families for Freedom Facebook page)

This article was originally published at The New Arab.

This Ramadan, Syrian families across the country and around the world will be breaking their fast in the absence of a loved one. As favourite delicacies are prepared and relatives gather, the empty chair at the table will be a painful reminder of those who are absent but never forgotten. Many will experience the ongoing pain and torment of having no news as to where their relative is being held, or if they are alive or dead. Continue reading